YD015-A Mobile Operating Room Light

YD015-A Mobile Operating Room Light


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 YD015-A is a versatile OR Light that is powered by 5 halogen light that can be used for simple to advance medical procedures.


Illuminance(Lux) ≧60,000

Colour temperature(k) 3700±500

Colour reduction index(Ra) 88

Illuminance depth(mm) ≧600

Total irradiance (W/m2) 547

Size of light field (mm) 160-220

Lamp head diameter(mm) 500

Rated power of bulb(V/W) 24/25

Service life (H) ≧300

Power supply voltage (V/Hz)AC 220/50

Imort power (VA) 150

Bulb Cold light source

Warranty 1 year

Packing list

5-reflector Light

Head Size and base 114*64*33(cm)

Light Head NW/GW 54kg /42kg

YD01-5 CBM0.24M2