YM8002A Paraffin Wax Warmer Machine

YM8002A Paraffin Wax Warmer Machine

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The Paraffin wax warmer is used to heat the paraffin wax. The application of the heated paraffin wax during hot baths delivers penetrating heat to the affected area. This heat can soothe the joints, tissues, and the skin to provide a healing, pleasant experience.


  • The liner adopts advanced electrochemical coating to melt wax instantly
  • Equipped with visual transparent window
  • Streamline body designed to prevent from dropping
  • Knob control on temperature
  • Constant temperature protective device


  • Voltage 110V-120V/220V-240V
  • Frequency 50Hz/60Hz
  • Power 220W
  • Volume 2800ML
  • Highest temperature 65
  • Adjustment range 40-65
  • Outside material ABS
  • Inside material Aluminum

Packing Size:42.5*28*23.5 cm
Packing Weight 2.5 kgs

Made in China