WH301 Wrist Brace


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WH301 Wrist Brace immobilizes the wrist and reduces pain from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS). The aluminum splint is soft and flexible for easy adjustment. 


  • Interchangeable for right or left hand
  • Mealable aluminum splint for better fit
  • Two small straps with one big wrap around strap to secure the wrist from movement
  • Hook and loop closure assures good fit

Sizes (Length of brace x Circumference of Wrist)

S -  15cm x 13 ~ 15cm
M - 15cm x 15 ~ 17cm
L -  15cm x 17 ~ 19cm
XL - 15cm x 19 ~ 21cm


20% Rubber
55% Cotton
10% Velcro
5% Artificial Leather
10% Aluminum Splint

Country of Origin: Taiwan