WB577 Lumbar Sacral Support with 6 Stays


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WB577 Lumbar Sacral Support with 6 Stays is used to support the back and relieve pressure at the lower back. It is made of high grade material knitted with Velcro compatible structure. 


  • Dual Velcro feature helps adjust compression level to fit every user's demand.
  • 6 stays provide firm support to the lumbar area
  • Helps relieve low back pressure and pain.
  • Upper straps with narrower width can fit body shape more snugly
  • Back side with airmesh material is breathable and prevents heat accumulation while in use.

Size Chart:

Size-Height-Circumference of Waist

Small/Medium -- 12" -- 22-33"

Large/Extra Large -- 12" -- 32-43"

Country of Origin: Taiwan

Composition: 30% Nylon, 25% Polyester, 20% aluminum, 13% Rubber, 12% Rayon

Country of Origin: Taiwan