TheraBand™ DigiFlex

TheraBand™ DigiFlex


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Develops finger, hand and forearm strength, flexibility and coordination. Color coding indicates level of resistance.

Item is sold per piece.

Color Resistance in lbs. Resistance in kgs.
Yellow 1.5lbs to 5.0lbs 0.7kgs to 2.3kgs
Red 3.0lbs to 10.0lbs 1.4kgs to 4.5kgs
Green 5.0lbs to 16.0lbs 2.3kgs to 7.3kgs
Blue 7.0lbs to 23.0lbs 3.2kgs to 10.4kgs
Black 9.0lbs to 30.0lbs 4.1kgs to 13.6kgs