PH-Y05AW 5L Oxygen Concentrator

PH-Y05AW 5L Oxygen Concentrator


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PH-Y05AW 5L Oxygen Concentrator is a user friendly continuos supplier of high purity oxygen of medical standards. With the advanced physical swing absorption(PSA) technology, it separates oxygen and filters toxic substances away from the air. Using Lithium molecular sleeve from Switzerland, this energy-saving machine ensures high performance stability at low noise and at very friendly cost. A portable pull rod is specially arranged for users to move the machine more easily.


  • Continuous oxygen supply for 24 hours/day 
  • High performance, stability and portability
  • Low noise up to 68 dB for 5L oxygen concentrator
  • Automatic time accumulation function(max 15,000 hours) and automatic alarm for low oxygen concentration
  • High performance, energy-saving advanced Lithium molecular sieve from Switzerland
  • User friendly luggage pull handle design
  • Can be used indoors, at nursing homes, in hospitals, office rooms and other places


  • Power supply:~220V±22V,50Hz±1Hz
  • Size:330 x 315 x 580 mm
  • Oxygen flow:1~5L/min
  • Oxygen concentration:≥90%
  • Weight:15 kg
  • Input power:230VA
  • Output pressure: 0.04-0.06Mpa
  • Valve Plate: Switzerland
  • Display: LCD
Packing Weight: 17kg
Packing Size:
Country of Origin: China