PEX Portable Folding Pedal Exerciser

Atlas Rehab Equipment

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This pedal exerciser helps in the rehabilitation of the limbs. It can be used for the arms when put on a table. It can also used for the legs when it is put on the floor against a surface or wall and the patient sits on a chair. It is a cheaper alternative to stationary bicycles, and serves the same purpose and more!


  • Black knob adjusts the tension or force needed to turn the pedals
  • Adjustable pedal inserts to ensure proper fit of the foot or hand to the pedal
  • Made of chrome plated steel (better and more durable than powder coated types)
  • Rubber plugs serves as anti-slip mechanism
  • Folding for easy and convenient storage
  • Brand new, made in Taiwan

This item carries a six (6) month warranty for factory defects. Damages due to wear and tear are not covered by the warranty.