OO-060 Hot Moist Heating Pad 30x60cm


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Using heat on injured areas of the body has been recognized as helpful by the medical field. The heat generated from this practice also called "stuping" can accelerate blood circulation and metabolism, which is medically beneficial. Stuping is also helpful in terms of curing back pain. It can soothe spasms and reduce pain caused by fatigue and muscle tension. Stuping can also ease arthritis and rheumatism pain temporarily. The product is especially recommended if you experience the following conditions/symptoms:

1. back pain
2. arthritis
3 rheumatism
4. neck stiffness
5. period cramps
6. detumescence
7. shoulder pain
8. sports injury
9. numbness in hands and legs 

The product is equipped with an automatic safety device. When the temperature increases too much, the pad will stop heating. After the pad cools off, it will automatically heat up again.

Size: 30 cm x 60 cm, comes with cloth cover and velcro straps to attach conveniently on the afflicted area

Voltage: 220V

Made in Taiwan, brand new!