OH971 Dynamic Air Walker

OH971 Dynamic Air Walker


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OH971 Dynamic Air Walker is designed to provide complete contour and immobilization to injured foot and ankle.  Flexible plastic shells give rigid support from lower leg to sole.  The anti-slip rocking bottom helps maintain normal gait and prevents slipping.  Toes cover is for extra protection to the foot.  It has built-in air pump to provide maximum comfort.  



Sizes: S, M, L, XL 

Color: Grey



  • 4-Panel shell to protect and support the foot during recovery
  • Speedy recovery compared to a plaster cast
  • A rocker bottom to reduce plantar pressure and allows comfortable walking
  • EVA insole for shock absorption
  • Built-in air pump delivers proper compression to the aircells easily
  • Dynamic shells contour different leg shapes
  • Anti slip rocker bottom and double shot mold injection keeps it very solid