OH601 Knee Immobilizer / Splint


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This knee splint is used to immobilize the knee after a serious injury. Adjustment is easy to achieve by using the straps. The Knee Splint is ideal for emergency and rescue kits for disaster preparedness.


  • fully adjustable with straps
  • with open patella
  • comfortable and breathable fabric
  • metal braces to completely immobilize the knee


Size Height
Circumference of Thigh
Small 42cm 37-43cm
Medium 50cm 43-50cm
Large 58cm 50-56cm
Extra Large 58cm 56-62cm


Product Composition:

  • 60% Aluminum
  • 10% Foam
  • 10% Nylon
  • 6% Polyester
  • 6% Rayon
  • 4% PE
  • 4% Cotton

Country of Origin: Taiwan