OH024 Adjustable Emergency Collar

OH024 Adjustable Emergency Collar


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  • This product is used for immobilizing the injured or sprained cervical vertebra. 
  • Adjusting the suitable height is simply by controlling the 2 sided buttons and rolling dials( 5 step adjustment of neck height total.) Foaming linear provides comfortable cushion for the chin and upper chest. 
  • Anterior of the brace with a hole are convenient monitoring the carotid pulse and tracheotomy surgery if needed. 


  • Easy operation on 5 step/height adjustment is designed.
  • Foaming linear can be taken off for cleaning.
  • Soft, light and comfortable when wear this cervical collar.
  • Immobilizing cervical vertebra and constricting the motion of neck effectively.
  • Neck height adjustments easily be rotated by both side device.
  • Simply operate LOCK & UNLOCK system.


  • One size fits to all
  •  Brand: I-M
  • Made in Taiwan