KT2CBS Two Crank Manual Hospital Bed with Mattress, Side Railings and Wheels


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  • Headboard and footboard are made of advanced ABS plastic blow molding that has a beautiful appearance and smooth handling, and is durable and reliable
  • Bed frame with steel welded together, solid and reliable
  • Bed is electrostatic sprayed with an elegant appearance, anti-aging, does not rust, strong and durable
  • folding aluminum side railings, convenient and practical
  • Four 5" wheel all-brake casters, strong stability, no noise
  • The hospital bed has adjustable head and foot cranks


  • Size: 2060 × 960 × 500mm
  • Caster Size: 125mm
  • Head Inclination Angle: 0 °--85 °(±5 °)
  • Knee Inclination Angle: 0 °--45 °(±5 °)
  • Side rail size: 1200mm x 40mm
  • Unlimited screw and metal crank
  • Clearance width: 970mm
  • Clearance Length 2060mm
  • 6cm high density 28D sponge foam with waterproofed cover

Country of Origin: China