Infrared Healthcare Heat Incandescent Bulb


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PAR38 IR 150W  Philips infrared bulb for healthcare and bodycare applications are designed for treating deep-seated muscular ailments and sports injuries. These incandescent reflector lamps are an excellent solution to provide localized heat treatment to relieve muscular pain.


  • Used to treat rheumatic ailments.
  • Speeds the healing of different kinds of injuries such as sports injuries and noninfected wounds
  • Provides rapid and effective pain relief
  • Enhances blood circulation in the skin caused by vasodilatory response. 
  • Increases transport rate of metabolytes and other essential biochemical compounds.
  • Can do deeper penetration of heat, which provides a gentle, pleasant warming effect


Product data:

  • Cap-Base E27 [ E27]
  • Operating Position UNIVERSAL [ Any or Universal (U)]
  • Main Application Infrared Health
  • Nominal Lifetime (Nom) 300 h
  • Operating and Electrical Power (Rated) (Nom) 150 W
  • Voltage (Nom) 230 V
  • Dimmable:  Yes
  • Mechanical and Housing Bulb Finish Red
  • Bulb Material Hard Glass
  • Net Weight (Piece) 308.000 g