Hero 77 Motorized Stair Mobility Wheelchair

Hero 77 Motorized Stair Mobility Wheelchair

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Hero 1 Motorized Wheelchair is a 2-in-1 mobility device that acts as a stair evacuation chair and a motorized wheelchair.


  • Sturdy Frame
  • Heavy duty construction
  • 8" Solid rubber back wheels
  • 180W Dual motor fr Wheelchair 200W for Stair Controller
  • Cushioned seat for patient comfort
  • Adjustable Armrest
  • Double seatbelt
  • Folding for easy storage


Battery:29.4V 13Ah Lithium Ion
Driving Distance on Full Charge: > 20km
Frame: Steel
Motor: 29.4V/200W*2 Brush
Controller: Joystick
Loading Capacity: 180kgs
Charging Time: 6-8hrs
Forward/Backward Speed: 0-6km/hr
Turning Radius: 700mm
Climbing Ability: <8 degrees
Front Wheels Size: 200mm x 50mm Rubber Solid 
Rear Wheel Size: 8" Rubber Pnuematic
Controller's Current: 40A
Size Unfolded:105x58x100 cm
Size Folded: 40x37x100cm / 60x5x55cm
Packing Size: 113×63×57cm
Gross Weight: 54kgs
Net Weight (with Battery): 44kgs
Net Weight (w/o Battery): 42kgs
Country of Origin: China