FS-055 Shelf Style First Aid Kit

FS-055 Shelf Style First Aid Kit


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This shelf-style factory kit is a good tool for emergencies. You can customize the shelves in the box to enable you to put the first aid contents properly and freely. You can also lock the box and make sure it is accessible to the authorized persons only. This first aid kit is suggested for industrial factories, companies, shopping centers, hotels, labs, and etc. 


01 Soap Sachets 10pcs
02 Alcohol Pad 10pcs
03 Cleansing Wipes 10pcs
04 Pure Water Wipe 10pcs
05 Adhesive Plaster 150pcs
06 Conforming Bandage 3rolls
07 Elastic Bandage 2rolls
08 Sterile Eye Pad 5pkts
09 Sterile Gauze Pad,Large 10pkts
10 Sterile Gauze Pad,Medium 10pkts
11 Sterile Gauze Pad,Small 10 pkts
12 Safety Pins 10pcs
13 Triangular Bandage 2pcs
14 Scissors 1pair
15 Tweezers 2pair
16 Safety Gloves 4pair
17 Emergency Blanket 1pc
18 Wound Dressing 2pcs
19 Larger Wound Dressing 1pcs
20 Burn Sheet 2pcs
21 ABD Pad 3pcs
22 Ice Bag 2pcs
23 CPR Mask 1pc
24 Adhesive Tape 3rolls
25 Cotton Ball 3pkts
26 Kidney Dish 1pc
27 Clinical Thermometer 1pc
28 Instruction Manual 1pc
29 PLASTIC Box With Lock 1pc
(Size: 39 x 30 x 16cm)