FRETB First Responder Emergency Trauma Bag

FRETB First Responder Emergency Trauma Bag


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Airtight and watertight kit made of thick polypropylene resin (43cmx32cmx25cm). The container’s special characteristics permit to be used in all extreme conditions. Filled for emergency. Highly recommended for the boat, Sea Platform, Mountain fire brigade, etc.


01 Hand Suction Pump 1pc

02 Resuscitator Bag 1pc

03 E-Mask 1pc

04 Guedel Airway 2pcs

05 Clinical Thermometer 1pc

06 Mouth Opener 1pc

07 Disposable Syringe 2pcs

08 Tongue Forceps 1pc

09 Sterile Scalpel 1pc

10 Lancet 2pcd

11 Wooden Tongue Depressor 5pcs

12 Surgical Scissors 1pair

13 Dressing Tweezers 1pairs

14 Safety Pins 10pcs

15 Sterile Latex Gloves 2pairs

16 Sphygmomanometer 1pc

17 Stethoscope 1pc

18 Boston 1pc

19 Tourniquets 1pc

20 Ice Bag 2pcs

21 Alcohol Pre pad 30pcs

22 Povidone-Iodine Prep Pad 10pcs

23 Antiseptic towelette 5pcs

24 Wet tissue (Soap) 5pcs

25 Hammer 1pc

26 Adhesive Tape 3pcs

27 Sterile Eye Pad 5pcs

28 Triangular Bandages TNT 2pcs

29 Sterile Gauze Pad 10pcs

30 Cotton Ball 5pkts

31 Adhesive Strip 50pcs

32 Cotton Applicator 20pcs

33 Elastic Bandage, 6cm 3rolls

34 Compressive Pad Bandages, medium 2rolls

35 Compressive Pad Bandages, max 1roll

36 Elastic Crepe Bandage, 2” 2rolls

37 Elastic Crepe Bandage, 4” 2rolls

38 Emergency Gold Blanket 2pcs

39 Diagnostic Penlight 1 pc

40 Disposable Wastage Bags 3pcs

Product Dimension: 46cm x 31cm x 28cm