Finochietto  Forcep Slightly Curved 9.5

Finochietto Forcep Slightly Curved 9.5

Iridium Surgical Instruments

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Finochietto forceps are racheted, curved, ring forceps used in Thoracic Surgery. Finochietto Forceps has curved jaws with a small eyelet on the tip of the forcep. The eyelet is used for pulling a ligature through. The angle of the jaws, along with the longitudinal serrations, contributes to a firm grasp of the tissue or vessel being held during operations.


Brand: Iridium Instruments

Length: 9.5"

Material: Stainless Steel

Instrument Type: Forcep

Curvature: Curved

Surface Tip: Serrated with Hole

Finish: Matte

Quality: OR Grade