F17 Stainless Three Deck Emergency Trolley

F17 Stainless Three Deck Emergency Trolley


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F17 Stainless Three Deck Trolley is a sturdy and durable trolley to put instruments and supplies for emergency room response.


  • Stainless steel construction, lateral side with pushing handle, two decks with guard rails
  • Four wheel caster for easy movement and maximum stability
  • Base with dia.100mm castors, two of them with brakes
  • Finish with bumpers device on each corner
  • Freight saving knock-down construction.
  • Drawer for storage of medical supplies
  • Trash and Basin for disposal of medical waste

Product Dimension: 66 x 47 x 97 cm

Packing Size: 84 x 49 x 37 cm

Country of Origin: China