ES201 Elastic Elbow Support

ES201 Elastic Elbow Support


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ES201 Elastic Elbow Support provides maximum protection to the elbow from injury. It provides support and light compression to the thigh preventing the elbow muscles from being forcibly stretched that can result in muscle tears. It improves blood circulation, reduces pain and swelling and speeds up recovery. It is cool to wear, and allows free ventilation. It is suitable in warm or humid climates. It can be used for warming up or cooling down. With its seamless design, it fits snugly into the elbow.

Color: Beige/Skintone or Black

Composition: 50% Rubber, 25% Nylon, 25% Cotton

Quantity: One (1) piece

Size Elbow Circumference
Small 20-23cm
Medium 23-26cm
Large 26-29cm
Extra Large 29-32cm

Country of Origin: Taiwan