Enteral Feeding Container

Enteral Feeding Container

Vanguard Lifesciences

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Enteral Feeding Container is used to deliver a nutritionally complete liquid containing protein, carbohydrate, fat, water, minerals and vitamins directly into the stomach. Beneficial for critically ill patient, post operative patients with limited capacity to eat food or patients with severe pancreatitis.


  • Semi-rigid container with stable structure 
  • Non-toxic, non-pyrogenic, non latex, EO sterilized
  • 95 cm Tubing
  • Easy-to-read graduation
  • Calibrated up to 600cc by 10cc increment for improved feeding accuracy
  • Built-in strong, dependable and universal hanger for any stand
  • Large top opening to minimize formula spills and waste and for easy filling
  • Comes with roller flow control to regulate feed rate control
  • Clear drip chamber for visual identification of content
  • Disposable, Single use only