E3 Emergency Room Stretcher/Bed

E3 Emergency Room Stretcher/Bed

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Emergency Room Stretcher is a deluxe manual crank stretcher. It is mainly used in the emergency room where patients can lie down while waiting for the doctor or be transferred into a room.

  • The emergency bed is mainly made of steel and plastic material;
  • The emergency bed is operated by hand. When you turn it right, it is up, turn left, it is down;
  • The central-lock system and swivel castor can help the users easy to control and stop; It is mainly used in the hospital to transport the patients;
  • It is characterised by its being durable, antiseptic and easy for sterilization.


Model No. : E-3 Dimension :  192 x 63 x 54~83 cm
Item Weight 85KGS Max Load Capacity: 159kgs
Castor Size :

Max Angle Backrest :

Packing Weight : 105kgs Packing Size:


Country of Origin: China