Doctron 3002 ES Tens Machine

Doctron 3002 ES Tens Machine

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The Doctron 3002 ES TENS Machine is a physical therapy equipment used to stimulate nerves and muscles of the body. Ideal for patients undergoing rehabilitation.


Helps stimulates muscle for faster recovery
Helps stimulates nerve to reduce pain
Helps tone facial muscles
Improves metabolism
Improves blood circulation

Dual Input power : AC/ DC
3 Program mode: Fitful / Burst / Variable Continous
Pulse Voltage: 0-250 VP
Pulse Width: Adjustable 200 us
Pulse Rate: Adjustable 1~70 Hz
Battery : 9V
Adaptor : AC 220V 60 Hz

Size: 23 x 60 x 110 mm

Country of Origin: Taiwan