DA-3 Three Function Electric Hospital Bed

DA-3 Three Function Electric Hospital Bed


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DA-3 Three Function Electric Hospital Bed is an ideal bed for patients in ICU or home care. The bed offers adjustable head, foot, height function. The Hospital Bed has a built in battery so it can be used during power outages.

The electric bed with four castors adopt the central locking system. It can be divided into three parts, which are the bearing frame, the platform for the mattress and the connection parts. Each unit bearing system is made of high-quality carbon structural steel or low alloy structural steel. Frame materials are cold-formed rectangular welded steel pipes, moving parts material is a square and round steel pipe welded by machining. Headboard material is high quality ABS engineering plastic and steel components.

The manner of apply the brake is cam circumgyratation pressure. The simultaneous action of the four castors is achieved by the chain of transmission power. Function of lift and fall is performed by a low voltage LINAK DC motor as the driving force acting on the spin torque devices, controlled by hand-held button. The lift of the back board and the lean of the bed board are controlled by two different motors. The voltage of input electric is AC220v 50HZ (assembled according to the local voltage and frequency for the customers aboard), though transformer and rectifier, the output of the voltage became DC24V.

Standard Features:

  • PE headboards and punched steel plate surface can be freely installed and removed.
  • Bed frame welded by profile steel is stable and reliable.
  • The surface is treated by electrostatic plastic spray and is beautiful, stable and durable.
  • Folding aluminum alloy guardrail is easy to use.
  • Bed corners are equipped with anti-bump cushion devices.
  • LINAK motor device
  • The product has been assessed and conforms to the following standards:
  • GB/T 19001-2000 idt ISO 9001:2000.


  • 2140mm length of the profile (bed head/foot excluded)
  • 940mm width of the profile (side rail excluded)
  • 500/740mm the distance between the platform and the ground excluded the mattress, side rail and bed head/foot. Tolerance ± 30mm is acceptable.

Storage Conditions:

  • temperature: -5 ° ~ 40 °
  • relative humidity: ≤ 85%
  • atmospheric pressure: 86kpa ~ 106kpa 

Operation Environmental Conditions:

  • temperature: -5 ° ~ 40 °
  • relative humidity: ≤ 85%
  • atmospheric pressure: 86kpa ~ 106kpa 

Country of Origin: China