ALFD2262 Aluminum Travel Wheelchair

ALFD2262 Aluminum Travel Wheelchair

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This wheelchair is a lightweight wheelchair perfect to carry and transfer from one place to another. It made of aluminum, so it is lighter than most regular steel wheelchairs. This is similar to the Aluminum Travel Wheelchair (ALFD1662), except that it has big wheels so the patient can maneuver it by him/herself.


  • made of free breathing canvas cloth
  • removable double padding of the seat for the comfort of the patient
  • has double brake system, for the one pushing the wheelchair (back of the handles) and another for the patient
  • has big wheels with hand railings to the person can maneuver it by him/herself
  • made of aluminum alloy so it's lightweight and doesn't rust


  • Seat width - 40cm
  • Seat depth - 41 cm
  • Seat height - 39 cm
  • Height from floor to seat - 43cm
  • Net weight - 13.5 kilos

Color: Maroon frame with black canvas upholstery or Royal Blue frame with black canvas upholstery

Country of Origin: Taiwan