9001L Aluminum Airport Wheelchair

9001L Aluminum Airport Wheelchair

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Airport Wheelchair is a lightweight wheelchair that is ideal for travelling around since it is compact enough to carry around.

  • Has four (4) small wheels so it's lighter to push and carry around
  • Made of aluminum so it won't rust and is very lightweight
  • Padded armrests for patient's comfort, can be raised up when not in use
  • With seatbelt for the patient's safety
  • With hand brakes that can be locked in place
  • Padded canvas upholstery for free ventilation
  • Seat width - 36cm
  • Seat depth - 33cm
  • Seat height - 35cm
  • Max weight load - 75 kilos
  • Net weight - 8 kilos

Color: Checkered blue, red, yellow and green (as shown)
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Packing Dimensions: 52 x 33 x 71 cm

Packing Weight: 9 Kgs