7F-5 Oxygen Concentrator

7F-5 Oxygen Concentrator


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Oxygen Concentrator is a device used to provide oxygen to bedridden patients.

  • Cumulative time function;
  • Exceed press safety valve helping safe ensure.
  • Install power cut warning function.
  • High pressure and low pressure alarming function
  • Shunt design, two users are provided with oxygen at the same time.
  • Oxygen concentrator and oxygen intake device can be separated



  • Power supply:~220V±22V,50Hz±1Hz
  • Size:445×372×680mm
  • Oxygen flow:1~5L/min
  • Oxygen concentration:≥90%
  • Weight:28kg
  • Input power:500VA
  • Output pressure:30~70kPa
  • Operation noise:≤60dB(A)